Attachments and Suffering

"Suffering is optional," is what the Buddha has been quoted as saying; and Baron Baptiste loved to say that during yoga teacher training. Suffering can be optional if you know that you create most of your own suffering. You create suffering whenever you chose to look away from love, and focus on greed, jealousy, fear, anger, disgust, shame, envy, and blame. If you feel hurt by someone else's actions you have an expectation, the expectation could be "they should love you." And when they do something that demonstrates they do not love you, you feel pain; physical, emotional, mental, and possibly spiritual pain.

Question-"Why should someone love you?"

Listen to all the chatter that is currently running through your mind. Breath and let it calm down, then read the same question again.

It's a good question! 

Focus on the question, not the endless stream of prepared answers you have stored up, gathered in therapy sessions, read in books, heard on TV or the radio. An answer that will touch you deeply and awaken you, arises from the space between your conditioned responses.