Begin Again

As 2017 begins it may be beneficial to reflect on the good that remains to be manifested. Sometimes life challenges us and we fall short of that challenge; the beauty of our life and Spiritual work is that we can always begin again. We can begin again to be kind, courageous, respectful, humble, wise, fun, joyful. 

A wonderful contemplative meditation practice is to stand in the sunshine, first turn directly away from the sun so you may see or witness your shadow appearing. Why do you have a shadow, what does your shadow symbolize from a spiritual perspective? Then turn toward the sun; do you still have a shadow? If you work with this ritual of turning toward and away and toward the sun, what do you experience? A simple meditation or contemplative ritual that may help you begin again to manifest the good.

May you be happy, May you be healthy, May you be prosperous in all your good works!