Blame, Shame, Guilt

Blame, Shame, and Guilt; this energetic triad fuels defensive living, grief, and the guilt-punishment cycle. 

Consider how you respond/react whenever you are blamed for something you did, or did not do. What are your thoughts, resulting emotions, and physical sensations that arise? It may be even more potent if you use the word "accused"; You did it! It is not only "blame" that we need to consider, but the act of being "accused." Rightly, or wrongly accused! This is how your innocence is energetically shattered, your life experience is altered and remains altered until you work through the steps of forgiveness and return to innocence. 

Once you have experienced being blamed or accused, you now have permission to blame and accuse others; that is your introduction or initiation into the harming triad of blame, shame and guilt-punishment.

Is there a way out of the triad? Yes, a conscious return to a state of innocence.  

The return to a state of innocence is an act of forgiveness; and over the next several blog posts I will attempt to outline the path back to innocence. Forgiveness is one of the most important spiritual skills we need to consider mastering, and master sooner than later.