Emotional Nutrition Cycle-speaking and listening.

In my last blog post I spoke about the emotional nutrition cycle; the emotional nutrition cycle is interdependently connected with the five senses. Today I will focus on the nutrition cycle and your sense of speaking and listening. 

The nutrition cycle functions as energy going outward through speech, and returning as speech; you will need to consider several aspects of the speech and listening cycle to grasp more of the whole. 

Contemplate right now on: "are you truly not being allowed to speak, or are you afraid to speak?" If you are simply afraid to speak, then you are withholding nourishment from the environment. If your voice is being minimized by other people in your personal or professional relationships, the nutrition you bring, is once again not flowing out to the environment. Two different scenarios with the same outcome; you are not feeding the environment good food. You are not giving, or not allowed to give out energy; that creates an imbalance.

If you speak falsely, arrogantly, with manipulation tendencies, sarcastically, or simply to gossip, you are feeding the environment rotten, disgusting, or poisonous food. That is another form of energy imbalance, and it may be more harmful than not speaking.

If your inner dialogue, how you speak to/about yourself is degrading, fear based, critical, abusive, or shaming, then you are also poisoning yourself with words. Therefore you need to contemplate on what you are speaking with your outer and inner voices. You need to really listen to your self-talk, because you cannot simply heal yourself by beginning to repeat positive affirmations or mantras, if you are "simultaneously saying something negative!" Sitting meditation will help you start listening to your own thoughts; you will be surprised and sometimes shocked by what you hear yourself saying internally!

The emotional nutrition cycle also includes listening; are you really listening to other people, to the sounds of nature, and to your intuition or higher mind/self? Contemplate on when you are in a conversation do you seek to have an answer before the other person is finished speaking? Do you drift off with your eyes and look at other people, your cell phone, or to some other thing and not really listen? Do you want to listen to others, or do you really just enjoy hearing yourself speak? Listening beyond the words to understand people is often required; many people cannot express what they feel because they have such a limited awareness of their body, emotions, and mind. You have to want to listen; and that takes time, courage, and awareness!

Everyone needs to have a flowing open honest communication cycle to be truly healthy. You cannot simply think and make life better, you need to act/speak. You can think about eating an apple all day, but until you bite into it the nourishment cannot enter your system. In our world today people are talking all the time, texting, face booking, snap chatting, etc. This is often just noise; it is disturbing to the mind, emotions and body. Not all of it is noise but a lot of it; people suddenly have a voice and they are using it. Does what they say have relevance to making their own life or the lives of others better?

Take time and contemplate your outer speech and inner speech today; what quality of discussion is happening? Listen closer to yourself and other people; and you may discover the solution to many of your imbalances is clearer communication with self and others.

Here is an important exercise to tap into the importance of the emotional nutrition cycle: What does it mean to be heard?               This should be one word, and it will create an emotional sensation in your body. For example: "When I am heard I feel understood." That feeling of being understood creates a sensation of relaxation, expansion, earth, and joy in my body as an emotional experience. What does it mean to really listen? Same idea; find the one word that expresses how you feel when you hear someone else!