Emotional Nutrition Cycle

I have been studying the emotional component of the five senses for several years, and thought I should begin to share some of the insights from that study.

Many people are seeking or longing for "some "thing;"" they cannot name what it is, but they feel an emptiness inside and are trying to fill it. Some people respond best to Soul Retrieval work when they have this feeling of emptiness, but not always. I find that some people need emotional nutrition; they need to "be" heard, or seen, or touched, or tasted or smelled. Or, they need to listen, to touch, to see, to taste, or to smell others. 

Many people when they were young never received enough, or appropriate touch; several studies have shown the psychological issues that arise from lack of touch. The emotional component is as important to start paying closer attention too.

If someone is energetically starving for touch, then they will semi-consciously seek that touch directly or indirectly. That seeking may be in healthy or unhealthy ways. If someone is starving to be seen, they will find healthy or unhealthy ways to be seen. The same behavior happens for the remaining senses as well.

To be heard, and to listen, this is a complete nutritional cycle connected with the sense of hearing. In some families it was/is better to be seen and not heard; so being heard will start the healing process in that person on an emotional level. The problem is, some people just like to tell their story, over and over and over again. Telling a story does not completely resolve the emotional nutrition cycle issue; the food that is needed "to be heard" may have nothing to do with the story they are telling. It's just noise.

To be genuinely heard would create a realization shift in the persons mind; "I am heard," means something to the mind aspect of the Ego, being heard might equate to: feeling accepted, feeling respected, feeling acknowledged, or some other specific function. This is what people need to find, the feeling of being heard, touched, seen, tasted, and smelled from the perspective of the Soul. The essence is what is heard, touched, seen, tasted and smelled; not simply the physical body.

I encourage you to contemplate on emotional nutrition and observe what you might be longing for in your life. Let me know what you discover!