Therapist or Coach?

Who would you prefer to work with a therapist or a coach? What is the difference between the two in your experience?

Working in a mental health counseling cooperative I have found this to be an interesting question; we often ask our staff why some people don't come in for assistance! The inquiry for today is: what are your current belief systems about seeing a therapist, seeking counseling, asking for professional advice, asking for a critique, asking for coaching? How did you develop your beliefs; through personal experience, or through the experience related to you by other people who went for therapy, counseling, or coaching?

Do you have any stigmas about being seen going into a mental health office? What is the basis for your stigma: fear, disgrace, embarrassment, failure, pride, arrogance, stubbornness? If you really needed and wanted to make a life change could/would you risk that emotional stigmatic expectation, and step forward? 

Personally I have found it challenging to ask for any help before I really need it; which means until I am in deep do-do! I have learned that it is a good idea to ask for help before, during, and sometimes after a personal, or professional project is initiated.