Who do you trust?

I gave a mini workshop recently about the number of people that we genuinely trust, which brought up some interesting comments. It was surprising, and not surprising to hear that the number of people trusted were small, on average 1-4 people. In a world that needs a great deal more trust and faith in other humans, this becomes an opportunity to explore or contemplate how to build or develop trust. So what is trust?

According to the dictionary definitions it means: reliance, faith, surety, confidence in others. Is this your definition?

What life experience(s) has diminished your trust in others or yourself? 

Have you made dis-trust a permanent way of living or being? Do you view the world through a lens of suspicion, fear, skepticism, anger; is that lens for all beings or just segments or groups?

Would you truly like to rebuild or re-connect with trust? If you observe most infant children when they feel safe, they have a natural tendency to trust; this is a reminder that your natural authentic nature is to trust.

Steps to developing trust:

I believe the rebuilding process begins with the body; do you trust your body to support you? 

If you have any health concerns you would want to make sure you are taking care of your body. Allow it to heal, to develop more strength, flexibility, coordination and mobility. This is not to be taken lightly, the body influences our mind.

Emotional trust: Are you nourishing all five senses? We are sensual beings and if we are malnourished our state of mind will not be clear. Are you speaking and listening to what you value and hold meaningful? 

Mental trust: Pay close attention to beliefs that create an inferior or superior response. Pay close attention to fear, shame and disgust attitudes towards others and seek to let go of those that are no longer or have never been true. Notice if you are influenced by gossip, flattery, slander, or other contradictory relationship.

Spiritual Trust: Spend time interacting with nature, reading spiritual texts that inspire you, and meditate.