Unite the Tribes!

I love the movie Avatar; to overcome an invading culture, the planetary tribes must unite. Our human tribe needs to unite if globally we are going to prosper and not simply survive the next 100 years. Instead of considering all human beings as one tribe working together to make a more healthy and vibrant world, we have been forced into a fractioned community of individuals banded together for periods of time where we can survive and possibly thrive. Returning to a view of a one human tribe that cares for each other regardless of the many labels that we use to separate ourselves into distinct groups is necessary. What tribe(s) are you part of? You may not have considered yourself part of a tribe but for this exploration of consciousness allow it to be; what tribe are you in, let's find out!

Are you male or female? Segregation 1

What is your age group? Segregation 2

What is your education level?  Segregation 3

How much money do you earn? Segregation 4

What is your chosen religion? Segregation 5

What is your political preference? Segregation 6

What is your ancestry? Segregation 7

What is the color of your skin? Segregation 8

What language do you speak? Segregation 9

As you can see your list will continue for quite some time; you are being segregated into a smaller and smaller tribe, people with the same or very similar preferences and life experiences. The tribes works together bands together and the question is, "for what purpose does the tribe exist?" To survive, to propagate, to create, to rebel, to complain, to discover, to fight, to pray? 

Take time to contemplate your tribe or tribes, and why they exist. Take time to look at the definition of segregation and if you feel that way inside. Do you feel it is possible to unite the tribes, and in what way can you start that process?