WDRT Interview

I enjoyed our conversation with Dr’s Paul and Paula Grenier, on their radio show “the Heart of Wellness” hosted on WDRT in Viroqua WI. WDRT is a community radio station that is a labor of love for many in the Driftless region of southwestern WI. The program will be broadcast on Tuesday 2/14/17 from 9-10 am central time.

I thought I would summarize the main focus points, and if you have additional comments or questions after the broadcast please let me know.

Relationships: what are your relationships founded upon? Love, like, sex/lust, power, money, co-dependency (not being alone); acknowledging the basis for relationships helps reduce emotional attachments, and open lines of communication when you face challenges. If you have a sense of unfulfilment in the relationship you may consider if your preferences have changed; you can always change the foundation but it needs to be done with awareness. If you are in a like relationship that is good, unless you prefer, want or desire love. Don’t make like bad, like is good. Like is not love.

Authenticity: We are born with a unique ratio of spiritual virtues or qualities, taking time to contemplate your uniqueness helps deepen your relationship with yourself and therefore others. Who shows up when you feel safe, and trust the people around you, are you naturally joyful, happy, curious, honest, humble, grateful, trusting, truthful, wise, compassionate, courageous,…..? These are ways of being that you did not lern from others it’s just who you are. 

Loss of Authenticity: Life experiences which lead to loss and or harm, can move us away from being our Authentic self, we may hide, suppress, or deny those spiritual virtues. Denial is a form of protection, but it is also a shadow over the light of the Soul. 

Fighting: Fighting for, against or with, leads to aggression and potentially violence. Reflecting on our language helps move us toward clarity of purpose or intention. What is it that we really want? Solutions, to be right, to be superior, to be wronged so we have an excuse to continue being aggressive? Are we coming toward a challnege from a place of love, fear, regret, loss, or something else; it matters.

Blame, Shame, Guilt and Punishment: our cultural habit of blaming, shaming, guilting and punishing each other has become very sophisticated and complex. To deepen and open relationships we need to start noticing how often we use these actions to get what we want or simply to keep a certain storyline alive. Stepping out of this habitual harming of each other takes discipline and practice. Blaming is accusing, being accused of something; is it true? Sometimes blame is accurate, someone caused harm to someone else. But in our world today blaming is used to separate us from each other. Is it true, always true, sometimes true, never true; important questions to ask!