Intuitive Energy Therapy Certification Programs

Intuitive Energy Therapy Certification is offered in two levels:  IET-Basic and IET-Comprehensive. 

The IET-Basic Certification will be granted to those individuals who complete two weekend Balancing Point seminars; complete the required homework including documented practice sessions. The two weekend seminars are offered in a sequential manner to open and then deepen an individuals sense awareness of subtle energy in and around the physical body. Deep physical and emotional relaxation, mental clarity and Spiritual aspiration is the effect of a IET-Basic session.

The IET-Comprehensive Certification will be granted to those individuals who demonstrate to Daniel and their peers they have the ability to work at the most subtle levels of energy perception. Practitioners must be able to establish IET-Basic, and then assist a client with understanding the emotional and mental aspects causing their individual energy imbalance. This understanding can be accomplished through the use of the 5-senses integration work taught by Daniel; or any another traditional or non-traditional insight methodology that works.