Intuitive Energy Therapy

A practitioner of the Intuitive Energy Therapy uses a specific sequence of touching six polarity points along the spine, and one integration point on the forehead to restore energy flow throughout the subtle energy systems. When the natural energy flow is restored, harmony returns to the body and mind. 

Intuitive Energy Therapy is a simple yet powerful practice of opening the mind. Thoughts create emotions, and some emotions disturb the natural flow of the subtle energy systems. As a practitioner you learn to hold a space of safety for people to go deep inside their own mind; to free themselves from fear, shame, anger, lust, greed, disgust, and delusion. 

If you would like to learn Intuitive Energy Therapy, training is offered in group seminar format. Learn the method while deepening your connection with your sense of touch, and the energy of the Heart Chakra. Click on the link below for additional information, or send your questions through the contact page.